Driven by the permanent quest to improve productivity and make increasingly technical parts, Supermetal continuously invests significantly in order to constantly renew its machinery, in order to have cutting-edge means of production. Consequently, new technologies in the form of kinematic processes and machines have recently been introduced.

Seven Traub mobile headstock lathes : 4 TNL 26 and 3 TNL 18, 7 and 13 axes, some equipped with 160 bar high-pressure pumps, and high-frequency spindles.

Six single-spindle bar automatic lathes : These lathes are used for machining raw materials

or re-machining.

  • Three Traub TNS, TND or KNC 2 or 3-axis lathes, high-pressure lathe and pneumatic chuck
  • Three re-machining lathes: Two Mori Seiki CL 20 and CL 1500T two-axis lathes and one Boley BKN 100C three-axis lathe
Five machining centers :
Four Hermle and one Willemin, four and five continuous-axis centers.

Seven twin-spindle lathes : Two Hardinge, three Mori Seiki, one Traub and one Okuma; five and eight-axis lathes, X, Y, Z spindle and one twin-turret lathe with bar-feeding mechanism.

One Lathe/Milling Machine combining the functions of a lathe and a machining centre : Mori Seiki, eight-axis, two spindles, one turret and one milling spindle and Y axis.

Machinery in detail