Supermetal receives the AMI trophee for the industry of the future

Supermetal received the AMI trophee from the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region during the Industry Fair at Lyon-Eurexpo. This trophee encourages the company’s project of doubling the surfaces in 2018. Indeed, Supermetal’s neighbour Dynastar sold a 4000m² field on which are built 3000m² premises. The proximity of the two buildings has a strategic significance.

This project is caracteristic of the 4.0 industry for three fondamental reasons :

  • The extension of capacity will allow Supermetal to satisfy the increase of production of aeronautic programs and the development of the medical market centred on implantable devices,
  • These investments will use the available technics in order to allow Supermetal to last in time, benefiting from productivity gains, which will allow to stay competitive on its markets,
  • At last, this project federates the company’s teams and mobilizes all the talents in order to succeed in this new strategic step, integrating the new technologies which will serve the mechanical business.